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Mergers and Aquisitions

Are you considering merging two businesses into one entity? Or perhaps you are looking to have one take over the other and establish itself as the new owner? These are two ways you can fast track the growth of your business.

To avoid any nasty surprises such as paying more than the other business is worth, you will want to prepare for the merger or acquisition with support from an experienced accountant.

Mergers & Aquisitions Checklist

To prepare your business for a merger or aquisition you need to:

  1. Ensure all financial and legal documents are up to date for due diligence purposes
  2. Research potential costs involved for proposed merger/acquisition such as legal and professional fees, and costs of buying the business
  3. Know your competitors
  4. Understand your position in the market

Questions to ask

  1. What structure is right for the new business?
  2. Can we see audited or certified accounts for the prospective new business?
  3. What do these financial statements indicate?
  4. What costs will there be and how will this impact my cash-flow?
  5. What will due diligence highlight to me?
  6. Can you prepare forecasts to show what results might be achieved after the merger?
  7. How do I negotiate the purchase price?

Contact us for help with due diligence and deciding on the right structure that allows for efficient tax planning and protection for your business.

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By being prepared in advance you will be ready to move at short notice and minimise the extra costs that come with delays.

It is important to review the Mergers & Aquisitions checklist with your accountant. If you don't, you could pay more for the new business than it is worth and you could be in danger of finding some nasty surprises when it is too late.

Communication is key to planning for success.

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