Where Are You On Your Business Journey?

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You have been busy establishing your business and increasing your sales. You may now be feeling a little lost and wondering how to make the step into the next stage of growth.

Many businesses do not have control of their cash-flow or a solid business plan to focus on. These tools are vital to highlight when cash is tight and where savings can be made. This is also a standard requirement when you need to raise finance from lenders for future growth.

New Growth Milestone Checklist

Are you in control of your business?

Do you know the answers to the following questions:

Questions to ask

  1. What months will I be short of cash?
  2. What sales do I need to generate each month?
  3. What cost savings can I make?
  4. What do I need to include in my business plan?
  5. What are my finance requirements?
  6. Should I be VAT registered?

Contact us - we will help you prepare a cashflow forecast and a business plan, as well as helping you with your VAT obligations.

"I didn't have control of my business until Howdenwhite helped me to prepare a simple, easy to use plan."
"I was worried about whether I should be VAT registered. Howdenwhite explained it and made it easy for me."

Communication is key to planning for success.

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